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Offers by Alighiero E. Boetti

Alighiero E. Boetti - Dalla sfera al cubo
Boetti, Alighiero e
Dalla sfera al cubo
Embroidery on canvas, 1988

Estimated price  14.000 EUR

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Beuys, Joseph - 6 Hasensteine
Beuys, Joseph
6 Hasensteine

Estimated price  300.000 EUR

Fruhtrunk, Günter - Champ dynamique
Fruhtrunk, Günter
Champ dynamique
Acrylic on fibreboard, 1962

Estimated price  70.000 EUR

Knoebel, Imi - Rösli
Knoebel, Imi
Acrylic on panel, 1991

Estimated price  40.000 EUR

Kosuth, Joseph - So what I am saying means: red can’t be described
Kosuth, Joseph
So what I am saying means: red can’t be described

Estimated price  30.000 EUR

Calderara, Antonio - Senza titolo
Calderara, Antonio
Senza titolo
Oil on panel, 1975

Estimated price  25.000 EUR

Knoebel, Imi - Revolver VI E
Knoebel, Imi
Revolver VI E
Acrylic, 2002

Estimated price  20.000 EUR

Hoehme, Gerhard - Topas-Leuchten
Hoehme, Gerhard
Oil on canvas, 1956

Estimated price  20.000 EUR

Klein, Yves - Table d’Or
Klein, Yves
Table d’Or
Multiple, 1963

Estimated price  20.000 EUR

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